Sgt Amar Sehmby, one of the police Safer Neighbourhood Sergeants for our area, has issued the following warning regarding bogus door-to-door sales – 

It has come to our attention that a group have been knocking door-to-door trying to sell household products to elderly and vulnerable residents in the Elm Park area.

They knock on the door and tell the resident that they are working for a Charity called The Helping Hand Project, this information is false and they do not work for any Charities, these individuals are trying to get elderly and vulnerable residents to buy their household products for extortionate prices, one resident was charged £30 for one cleaning cloth.

Please be aware of these individuals and don’t buy anything just shut the door on them, if you need Police then contact us don’t feel you’re wasting our time, if it’s an emergency then call 999 if it’s not an emergency then call 101.

Kind Regards,

PS Amar Sehmby | 189EA | East Area Command Unit |

Safer Neighbourhood Ward Sergeant for: Cranham, Hactons, Hylands and Upminster.