Following Transport for London approving funding a number of “Accident Reduction Programmes” are planned as part of the 2017/18 Havering Borough Spending Plan settlement. Butts Green Road and North Street Accident Programme was one
of the schemes approved. A feasibility study has been carried out to identify accident remedial measures in the area. The feasibility study looked at ways of reducing accidents and recommended safety improvements.

Traffic surveys showed that two -way traffic flows are up to 1500 vehicles per hour during peak periods along Butts Green Road between Parkstone Avenue and Hillview Avenue. Council Officers found that many vehicles exceed the 30 mph speed limit and felt this to be undesirable and a contributory factor to accidents.
The Councils Highways Advisory Committee last month agreed the following in Emerson Park Ward: Butts Green Road / Slewins Lane Junction -Mini roundabout alteration with kerb build out.

Butts Green Road by south of Wykeham Avenue-Humped Zebra Crossing. Butts Green Road by Hillview Avenue and Berther RoadHumped Zebra Crossing and Junction speed table.

If you would like a copy of the report that went to the Highways Committee with maps etc drop us a line at