We have advised you before that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England has been looking in detail at ward boundaries in Havering. With so much building going on in the borough a number of wards have a significantly higher population than others. Here in Emerson Park, we were hoping that parts of the Ardleigh Green area could be added to our ward, as residents feel more affinity to Hornchurch than Romford. This would also ensure we would have three councillors representing us!

In January the Boundary Commission came up with a proposal to reduce the size of the ward by taking away the roads north of the A127 i.e. Beltinge Road, Redden Court Road, Prospect​ Road etc. and putting this back into Harold Wood Ward, as it was pre-2002. Then taking the roads west of the River Ravensbourne, they proposed to place this area into Squirrels Heath Ward. We opposed this and felt that the area should remain a three Councillor ward and gave a proposal to place a large section of Ardleigh Green area into our ward. We also wanted to keep the area west of the river in Emerson Park Ward. A large number of residents in the Ardleigh Green area were also keen on this.

However, we heard in mid-May that the Boundary Commission, whilst taking our suggestions into account, have kept their original thoughts that Emerson Park Ward is reduced and subsequently will have two Councillors from the elections in May next year. On the plus side, Havering’s Residents Associations are also active in the Squirrels Heath Ward and we will keep in touch with you on this.

A link to the Boundary Commission’s final recommendations is available via the LGBCE Havering link.

The Residents’ Association of Emerson Park Team