We have previously reported information on recent planning applications for the redevelopment of parts of New City College (previously Havering College) in Ardleigh Green Road.

One of the applications (P0285.21) is going to be heard by Havering Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 01 July at 7.30pm. This application is for ‘Revised access arrangements, relocated car parking, new cycle parking, demolition of P Block and landscaping.’ To view details of the application visit Havering Council’s P0285.21 planning application page.

The meeting should be broadcast live on the web, although the link is not available at the time of writing. To view the page where the link is likely to be provided, visit the Planning Committee 01 July 2021 link.

David Goddard, of our Emerson Park Team, has been approached by a number of residents who are concerned at the proposals contained in the applications. He has detailed a summary of these concerns below –

Project 1: Car Park

  • On the north side, why does the car park need 400 spaces and why are these placed so close to Brindles in Emerson Park Ward?
  • The intrusive lighting, noise and air pollution that this plan would create would adversely effect these residents.
  • The road in and out – is this planned to be moved closer to the Birch Crescent boundary or will it be widened towards the school side?

Project 2: The sale of the existing car park on Nelmes Way & Garland Way

  • The three proposed properties on Garland Way need careful planning to avoid total congestion in the area.
  • There is only one road in and out of the ‘Luck Estate’ commonly known as the Duck Pond Estate and the blocking of this with deliveries etc. will cause mayhem to approximately 193 homeowners when work commences, unless they are built from within the college grounds.
  • In addition, five days a week parents from Nelmes School use this area to park and walk their children through the alleyway, arriving via Garland Way, and this additional traffic will also be affected.
  • Is the plan to sell the three building plots off individually or as one development?
  • How will the council ensure that these three properties are built within keeping with the rest of the estate?

Project 3: The Care Home

The proposed care home is a great idea but –

  • Would this facility have enough car spaces?
  • How many spaces will the care home provide for carers and visitors?
  • As part of the care home provision, unfortunately ambulances will be required on a regular basis, so how many spots will be allocated for them?
  • In the existing car park and surrounds, there are some lovely trees and hedges – how many have preservation orders on them?

If you have any views on the applications please let us know via our Contact Us page.