Since the end of January (2022) we have been trying to contact the council’s Parks Development Department regarding the poor state of repair of the duck pond pontoon in Platford Green.

Having been approached by many worried residents who enjoy the wildlife around the Platford Green duck pond, and as a local resident myself, I am also aware these pontoons are in a terrible state of disrepair and need changing.

Over the last six to nine months two large trees have been taken down for various reasons, so the pond feels much more exposed, potentially making wildfowl vulnerable if they nest on the banks. Swans lay their eggs in late April or early May, so this is time critical. Whilst we have been promised replacement trees, they will take time to grow.

We have now received the following response from the department concerned – ‘We are aware of the rafts here and the Rangers service have plans to revamp them. If it is possible to do before nesting season we will be but at the moment the ground conditions do not allow the Rangers access with the vehicles, winch and trailer needed to get the rafts out and up the bank. We do not want to tear up the ground and create other problems with dips and ruts etc. They are keeping an eye on it but if it gets too late in the season we may have to leave them this spring and get them out after nesting ready for next year’.’

As soon as we have any updates we will let you know.

David Godwin