With the increase in crime, there may be a benefit in introducing the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in roads which currently don’t have one. Neighbourhood Watch is designed to encourage local communities to look after each other down to street level.

I know that in my road and several others in Emerson Park there is an active WhatsApp group which keeps us all in touch with each other and can be used to spread details of local issues quickly.

One incidence was a recent visit by four individuals armed with baseball bats, who removed a catalytic converter from a car parked in our road. Within minutes a gathering formed and whilst we were unable to catch the culprits, we were able to check CCTV on individual houses and come up with footage of the vehicle and the men involved.

Perhaps talking to your neighbours, forming a WhatsApp group and getting in touch with others in your road could be the start of a greater self-surveillance, where we all look after each other.

For more information on Neighbourhood Watch visit the Havering Neighbourhood Watch website.

Cllr Laurance Garrard