Yesterday (10 November 2020), the government’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced that another 67 areas in England would be offered mass coronavirus testing, including the majority of London Boroughs. However, the list does not include Havering, even though last week we had the highest rates of COVID-19 in London and all of our adjoining London boroughs and Essex are to be offered mass testing.

Residents’ Association councillors questioned Mark Ansell, Havering Council’s Director of Public Health regarding this. He has stated that Havering did request to be included and he has asked the DHSC why we were missed out. He also confirmed that Havering will again apply to take part if a further roll out is considered by the government.

We will update our website if further announcements are made. A full list of the areas to be offered mass testing can be found on the government’s Testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) web page.┬áThe current testing and contact tracing services in Havering will continue to operate.