On Saturday 05 March, Residents’ Association Councillor Gillian Ford was contacted by local residents in the Emerson Park Ward, regarding unexpected tree felling and land clearance opposite their homes in Copthorne Gardens.

As representatives of the local area, RAEP members, David Godwin and Laurance Garrard visited the site and saw what was happening, along with Councillor Bob Perry, who also turned up.

Between us, we managed to stop the work, as many trees in that area have preservation orders on them and there seemed to be no regard for this or a plan in place to ensure they were left untouched. Sadly though, we were not able to stop some being felled.

This is an ongoing situation and the council official responsible for trees in the borough will be visiting this weekend to review the damage caused and update us.

David Godwin and Laurance Garrard