It has come to our attention that a double-sided A4 ‘Bulletin’ is now being distributed to residents in the Emerson Park ward. This flyer has come from the Hornchurch and Upminster Independents, who are not affiliated to us, featuring two people calling themselves the Emerson Park Action Team. This leaflet, should not to be confused with the official Bulletin.

Having seen a copy of the leaflet, we are concerned that they are taking claim for things we have already actioned and will continue to do so within the ward, including reporting rubbish around Platford Green duck pond, damaged utility covers and pot holes etc.

They form part of a group of Independents with links to the current Harold Wood Councillors, who aligned themselves with the Conservatives, voting with them time after time, hiding themselves under the disguise of being Residents Association representatives. Their votes have been rewarded with Chair positions and additional allowances, pushing through Conservative policies including car parking charges.

The three Harold Wood Councillors were voted in under false pretences, as they have acted as, and with the Conservatives, showing a lack of respect to the residents that elected them. They are no longer part of the Havering Residents Association family within Havering and due to their history, it raises questions about the motive of their newly established Emerson Park team. Splitting the vote in May, would open the door for the Conservatives to return.

The true Residents Association team members, Laurance Garrard and David Godwin (Residents Association of Emerson Park), have lived in Emerson Park for much of their lives and have been involved with the Havering Residents Association Team for more than 6 years. Disappointed in how the Council was being run, they wanted to make a difference for the residents in their community, and joined the Residents Association, who had a history of helping their communities.

The official Bulletin (produced by the Residents’ Association of Emerson Park) is well received by our residents, and is such a strong brand – this fake group are clearly trying to buy into the brand! Hopefully you will not be fooled into thinking they are part of us, and that we can continue to represent you, ensuring we get the best outcomes for Emerson Park and our residents.

The Residents’ Association of Emerson Park are part of the Havering Residents Association (H.R.A) family across Havering and you can find out more about the H.R.A on our website –  .

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